Master Index

The master index is a compilation of names referenced in various publications that can be found at the Kent Branch OGS Library.  To search  the index, scroll down to the bottom of the chart below and type the surname in the blank *surname* field.  The filtered entries will include the reference information for the resource indicated, along with the page number and date information (as available) for each resource.  Scroll through pages using the << >> arrow buttons on the bottom right of the page.  Review the list of indexes included in the master index for more information on each resource included.  The results can also be copied, printed or exported using the buttons below.

Surname Given Name Page Date Resource
Abraham Robert Mrs 106 N/A Dresden
Abraham William 90 N/A Dresden
Abrams Chas 2 N/A Dresden
Abrams Jas 10 N/A Dresden
Ackert Charles Mrs 120 N/A Dresden
Ackert Gordon 124 N/A Dresden
Ackert James 146 N/A Dresden
Ackert Nellie 116 N/A Dresden
Ackert Sadie 153 N/A Dresden
Acnam Mrs 14 N/A Dresden
Surname Given Name Page Date Resource